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    1.Sede operativa
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    2. Analisi
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    3.Le nostre attrezzature
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    4. Riuscita del trattamento

Chemical cleaning

For over 25 years G.A.M. Service operates in the sector of the chemical cleaning and is able to offer different methods in order to satisfy our Clients needs and preserve the integrity of the treated materials.

The first step is to make an inspection on the equipment to be treated and to evaluate the best operating procedures applying the business policies aimed to contain costs for the Client, to respect the Q.H.S.E. System and the obtain of the best results.

Our high-tech equipment are steadily controlled and updated to meet every safety norm and in absolute respect of the environment.

We provide our services in full autonomy, allowing us to predispose the various circuits in autonomous way, from equipment installation to circuits realization and also system monitoring and analysis.

Thanks to our field laboratory tools and instruments we are able to monitor  the various cleaning phases

If needed, we can also provide for the further treatment of waste cleaning solution  in compliance to the current Laws.

Afterwards we list some typologies of chemical cleanings that we are able to effect, any other typology that could become necessary will be discussed with Client.

  • Alkaline cleanings of contaminated surfaces with organic substances, oily or with deposits that need morphological changesto be subsequently treated with acids,
  • Acid cleanings for the removal of oxide scales or with carbonates compounds with inorganic and/or organic  acids inhibited;
  • Treatments of neutralization to assure the total elimination of the acids previously used, guaranteeing so extreme safety in the replacement in service of the interested equipment;
  • Treatment of passivation that assures the protection of the surfaces previously treated with the acid, necessary to protect them from oxidation.
  • Neutralization of parts contaminated by acid substances with alkaline products or of parts contaminated by alkaline substances with products acids inhibited;
  • Demolition of toxic substances harmful (fluorides – sulphides) with specific methodology.
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