• 1.Sede operativa
    1.Sede operativa
  • 2. Analisi
    2. Analisi
  • 3.Le nostre attrezzature
    3.Le nostre attrezzature
  • 4. Riuscita del trattamento
    4. Riuscita del trattamento


G.A.M. Service has an extensive knowledge of chemical cleaning issues. One of the basic requirement is to have the proper equipment to face any engagement from quick workday-lasting tasks to complex systems such has pre-commissioning, shut downs and turn around. All our efforts to invest on new equipments, to look for new technologies and to constantly verify and fix the gear we already use every day, are aimed to reach our intent.

 Depending on our Clients needs, we can provide a wide range of solutions, since we have several pumps (either powered by fuel engines or electric) with different flow rates and pressure.

Our pumping stations (see image below) are connected to the Customer’s equipment by our temporary pipes, hose, fittings and tanks. Using our own tools we can realize the cleaning circuits in full autonomy, reducing setup time and cost and also caring about the more efficient way to flush the required lines and vessels. Last but not least, this allows us to make the best use of dedicated space on Client’s plants, making easier to keep clear and safe the work area.

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