• 1.Sede operativa
    1.Sede operativa
  • 2. Analisi
    2. Analisi
  • 3.Le nostre attrezzature
    3.Le nostre attrezzature
  • 4. Riuscita del trattamento
    4. Riuscita del trattamento

Health and Safety


Since G.A.M. Service was founded, its goal has been to pursue a policy of safety and health for its employees, and that means complying with legislation, policies, standards, and procedures. To achieve this objective, we adopted the HSE System (identified by Italian laws as SGSL) to involve every worker, from the highest levels to the newest members. The contribution of everyone allows us to identify those activities and behaviors that need to be improved, making our HSE policy an evolving tool to make our work safer day by day. We can claim our HSE has helped us to achieve the zero incidents goal for many years now.

Besides that, working mainly in highly hazardous environments has given us the opportunity to compare our standards with our Customers’ and to share some ideas and improvements. Therefore, G.A.M. Service meets all the best expectation about HSE and furthermore our team does not include temporary workers, but only full time workers who have now an experience of many years. This experience is not built in one day. As soon as our employees are hired they not only complete all mandatory safety courses, but are also encouraged to recommend and attend all applicable safety training courses available to our industry. The employer itself arranges regular or extraordinary meetings to make sure HSE is kept alive and efficient.

We continuously evaluate our HSE program to develop and improve our policies and programs. Our HSE department encourages feedback and input from all employees. Inspections are completed on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis. We use the information from these reports as a learning tool.

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