• 1.Sede operativa
    1.Sede operativa
  • 2. Analisi
    2. Analisi
  • 3.Le nostre attrezzature
    3.Le nostre attrezzature
  • 4. Riuscita del trattamento
    4. Riuscita del trattamento


G.A.M. service provides its Clients with customized assistance and the cleaning method that best fits their needs.

The first step is to make an inspection on the equipment to be treated and to evaluate the best operating procedures. As the scenario of chemical cleaning offers several methods, we can rely on more than 40 years of experience to choose the one more effective in terms of cost, time, Q.H.S.E. We also have the necessary know-how and tools to analyze the samples collected on site, to elaborate the best choice in terms of chemicals and procedures.

During every different phase of treatment our team will do analysis on many parameters, such as:

Analisi persnolizzate

Studio personalizzato

  • acid / alkaline concentration
  • corrosion inhibitor effectiveness
  • dissolved iron, copper or other elements
  • pH
  • conductivity
  • temperature

Among all the possible cases, here are a few of our most common interventions:

  • Chemical cleaning of  HFAU (Hydrofluoric Acid Alkylation Unit)
  • Neutralization of furnaces fume side
  • Passivation of pipes, vessels, boilers etc.
  • Degassing, decontamination and chemical cleaning of fractionating columns
  • Chemical cleaning of heat exchangers

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