• 1.Sede operativa
    1.Sede operativa
  • 2. Analisi
    2. Analisi
  • 3.Le nostre attrezzature
    3.Le nostre attrezzature
  • 4. Riuscita del trattamento
    4. Riuscita del trattamento


…are our best references:

  • Chemical cleaning Quenching Column C1503, C1501 and Choppers Primary
  • Chemical cleaning side H2O (internal tubes) of the plant P1CR Furnaces (Cracking) on behalf of Refinery Versalis SpA of Brindisi, operation performed (washing chemical pre branch – Acid Wash – neutralization branch post passivation)
  •  Chemical Cleaning Column Vacuum – Vacuum Wax – etc, on behalf of the Refinery  Agip/ ENI in Livorno
  • Chemical Cleaning Column Vacuum – Topping – Mea – Reforming, etc.., on behalf of the Refinery SARPOM SpA S. Martino of Trecate (NO)
  • Chemical Cleaning Column Vacuum – Merox – Vis-Breaker – Alkylation – etc., on behalf of Refinery Oils ENI Sannazzaro de ‘Burgondi (PV)
  • Chemical Cleaning Column Topping – Vacuum etc. .. on behalf of  the Refinery IPLOM SpA – Busalla (Genoa)
  • Chemical cleaning  Columns Sector Benzene – Ethylbenzene – Ofethylbenzene  on behalf of  Refinery  Versalis SpA in Mantova
  • Chemical Cleaning hydrofluoric acid alkylation Section – ex-refinery IP Rho (MI)
  • Chemical Cleaning hydrofluoric acid alkylation Section – Refinery Agip/ENI Sannazzaro de Burgondi  (PV)
  • Chemical Cleaning  Alkylation Section – on behalf of Refinery  Versalis SpA in Mantova
  • Chemical  cleaning  convection and radiant section of Refinery  furnaces in normal  running conditions:

This type of  operation can be performed with three different methods:
•     dry chemical cleaning of radiant and convection section;

  • dry and wet chemical cleaning (dry radiant and convection  part)  wet (usually

the upper of convection);

  • only wet  chemical cleaning (this type of intervention concerned only the convection


  • Cold chemical cleaning fumes side radiant and convection furnaces of Refinery
  • Cold chemical cleaning fume side of Boilers
  • Chemical cleaning pickling + passivation  side water of boilers
  • Chemical cleaning heat exchanger PACKINOX
  • Chemical cleaning and drainage  tanks and Sulphuric Acid Area : We have performed the complete decommissioning of plants  (sulphuric acid) on behalf of  Refinery IP Rho
  • Chemical cleaning of  Lines Compressors – type of intervention:
    chemical alkaline cleaning acid neutralization and passivation Lines suction Compressor suction (pre- commissioning )

    • Chemical cleaning austenitic steel and not
    • Chemical cleaning of condenser and refrigerator oil
    • Chemical cleaning of coil Refinery and circuits reaction
    • Chemical cleaning exchangers and plate heat exchangers
    • Chemical cleaning alkaline- acid – of Air Coolers , process side
    • Chemical cleaning external fins on the air side – Air Coolers
    • Chemical cleaning  baskets Lyungstrom
    • Chemical cleaning Chimneys
    • Chemical cleaning and drainage  Vessel  Blow-Down
    • Chemical cleaning  alkaline – acid Lines Blow-Down
    • Chemical cleaning  alkaline- acid Lines Fuel Gas burners of furnaces
    • Chemical cleaning  alkaline degreasing  lines fuel oil burners of furnaces
    • Chemical cleaning exchangers water and process side
    • Chemical clearing of Electro filter
    • Chemical cleaning alkaline amines circuit – Unit 31 / Gasification Plant – SNAMPROGETTI SpA on behalf of ENI SpA – Sannazzaro of Burgondi (PV)
    • Chemical cleaning alkaline – acid – passivation lines gas in  carbon steel Compressor J-33001 A / B – COMECF on behalf of Snamprogetti SpA – Refinery ENI SpA – Sannazzaro of Burgondi (PV)
    • Chemical cleaning degreasing Circuits amines Section ISOCRACKER and associated units – on behalf of SNAMPROGETTI SpA / Saipem SpA – ENI SpA R & M Refinery Sannazzaro de Burgondi (PV)
    • Chemical cleaning, passivation of suction Circuits J3482A/B/C J3481 Section ISOCRACKER – SNAMPROGETTI SpA / Saipem SpA – ENI SpA Refinery – R&M Sannazzaro de Burgondi (PV)
    • Chemical cleaning alkaline (degreasing) of Circuit Amine System 33 – Section DEASPHALTING – on behalf of Saipem SpA – Eni SpA Refinery Sannazzaro de Burgondi (PV)
    • Chemical cleaning alkaline (degreasing) new Section Amines Sulphur 4 – line 6 “Interconnecting to limit battery Hydrocracking- on behalf of SNAMPROGETTI SpA – Refinery ENI R & M Sannazzaro de Burgondi (PV).

and many others..

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