• 1.Sede operativa
    1.Sede operativa
  • 2. Analisi
    2. Analisi
  • 3.Le nostre attrezzature
    3.Le nostre attrezzature
  • 4. Riuscita del trattamento
    4. Riuscita del trattamento

G.A.M. service

G.A.M. Service is an Italian Company leader in the sector of industrial and naval chemical cleaning; it was founded in 1988 by five technicians who have been working in the field since 40 years.

The Society boasts a highly specialized team and suitable and up to date equipment to achieve chemical cleaning into refineries, petrochemical facilities, power plants, incinerators and any other plant related to the chemical and marine industry.

Our daily search for solutions and advanced technologies to improve the clearing processes and methodologies, is our main objective which has allowed our Company to stand out in the marketplace.

We are proud to have among our customers some of the international leaders in chemical industry; their satisfaction is a fundamental target, as well as the best reference.

Thanks to: hard job, investments contemplated to the growth of the Society, strengthening and amplification of our horizons, we can guarantee the ability to face with the maximum reliability the upcoming challenges in the field of chemical cleaning.

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