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Our activity is essentially centered on the chemical washings of industrial systems that we execute with technical staff highly specialized, which assures the perfect resolution of every participation given the scrupulous cure with which every job comes from we faced, or from operating the closely technical point of view/, or from that one, certainly not less important, of the emergency and the respect of the atmosphere.
Our Society is taken advantage of modern and perfectly efficient equipments, continuously renewed and object of periodic controls, verifications, maintenances, in order to assure to the Customer the better service in the maximum emergency and the time more possible content.



Via Vezzani, 74
16159 Genova

tel:  010-7401114
fax: 010-7401842

P.I./C.F. 02978110100
C.C.I.A.A.. GE  308862 
Tribunale GE 49618


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